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Rory Lynch is a guitarist, bandleader, composer, and educator based in Saskatoon, Canada.  He is an active member of Sons of Django, The Prairie Roots Ensemble, and leader of his own group, the Moultet. His compositions blend elements of jazz, Afrobeat, and indie rock, resulting in a boundary-pushing sound that captivates audiences. 


As a freelancer, Rory has worked with a wide array of artists, including Larnell Lewis, Mark Dejong, Melissa Lauren, Julian Taylor, Ellen Froese, and the Saskatoon Jazz Orchestra.  Rory completed his formal education at the University of Saskatchewan, where he focused on jazz studies under the direction of Dean McNeill. 


Through the creation of instrumental music, Rory seeks to open up a space where listeners can embark on a process of self-discovery, while simultaneously connecting more deeply to the community around them.

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